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Basement Finishing

As part of our basement solution systems   we will offer the InSoFast basement wall system.  This wall system will be sold to   contractors and clients directly if they wish to purchase it themselves or we   will sell installations if the clients home owners wish to have us do   it.  This will provide a great solution   to people wishing to finish their basements.    Especially those clients that just had their foundation waterproofed   through the system 17.  Furthermore   this is a great product to offer clients wishing to finish their basements   through the home performance process and programs.   This is also a good product that can be   sold directly to contractors thereby providing a path to make connections   with other contractorsSolar Thermal ServicesAs part of our services
we will offer to install solar thermal hot water systems.  These systems can be used to reduce hot water
fuel usage by up to 70%.  Also if a home
uses hydronic baseboard or hydronic radiant floor heating distribution systems
solar thermal systems can be used to provide heat during the winter months that
can off set the heating bills.

Windows and Doors

As part of our services
we will offer the replacement of doors and windows.  However this service has not be explained in
further detail due to the fact that we have not endorsed a brand yet.


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